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In the rush of finals and project week, I’ve gotten behind on creating content for Millennial Chanel. Luckily one of my classes, Creative Fashion Presentations, requires me to constantly create blog posts as assignments-which I’ve been doing throughout the semester. Our final project was to make a video presentation of fashion (a vague guideline), hence the Youtube video I’m linking in this post.

I haven’t created a video in a while but I forgot how much I love editing and making videos. In this video, I joke about having a Youtube channel but, seriously, let me know if you guys would be interested in watching my videos if I decide to start one!

For this post/video, I wanted to recreate some of my favorite winter looks that I’ve seen on celebrities this past season. To recreate these, I primarily used thrifted and sustainble (aka Reformation) clothing. All of the clothing I used is shown in the video description and in the video!



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