The Break Vintage Fashion Show

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for good vintage clothing. Along with it being sustainable and reinforcing the idea of a circular economy, it’s so much more fun to go vintage shopping than to shop at a chain store. There’s something about sifting through beautifully made, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that makes me feel like I’m actually creating a connection with the pieces I buy instead of just buying something because it’s cute and on trend. It’s also a lot more affordable that many of the sustainable brands out there (i.e. Reformation, Everlane, etc…) which makes it more budget friendly for a broke college girl like me!

One of my favorite vintage shops is The Break. They sell beautiful vintage clothing that will make you feel like you should be walking down a grand staircase out of the lobby of an apartment building on the Upper West Side into a private limo to your penthouse office of your million dollar company. (clearly I have big dreams for myself)

The Break put on a fashion show during fashion week but instead of the typical designer show where clothes are shown a season in advance for buyers to order and plan to sell in retail stores, the clothes that walk down the runway were available for sale after the show. Not to mention, the show was open to the public rather than being reserved for businesses and celebrities. I thought this unique interpretation of a fashion show, especially a vintage one, was a great way to make fashion feel more inclusive rather than intimidating.

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