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As Macklemore once said in his beloved song Thrift Shop, “I’m gonna pop some tags…This is fucking awesome.” He wasn’t wrong.

Thanks to the over saturation of the same styles being produced by fast fashion brands, vintage and secondhand clothing is turning into a modern-day luxury. People want to buy something that they can have a connection to-something that is personalized and unique. Coinciding with this trend in consumption is a trend in sustainable fashion, which has led to resale brands like The Real Real and Treasures of NYC growing in popularity.

Reformation has hosted some trunk shows and pop up shops within the store before, but this one is going to be focused solely on vintage clothing. From November 8-10, Ref is going to have a vintage trunk show in their SOHO location (23 Howard St.). They’re partnering with Treasures of NYC, a luxury resale company based in the city, to put on an event with lots of vintage gems and some refreshments to accompany shoppers.

ref trunk show vintage

This is unique to typical trunk shows, where brands sell their own clothing, but even more important as the predominant reason for Reformation reselling vintage clothing is to promote a circular economy that focuses on reusing and recycling clothing and reducing waste.

According to Reformation, they assisted in recycling or reusing over 92,000 garments in 2018 alone due to their vintage line and use of dead-stock material in production. Their goal, however, is to reuse or recycle 500,000 garments in the next five years.

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