Visual Merchandising

There’s something about walking past a Bergdorf’s or a Sak’s during the holiday season and seeing the elaborate visual merchandising displays that are in place that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling akin to when I’m drinking a warm cup of coffee.

Visual Merchandising is used in many ways in the fashion industry-but one of the most predominant ways is through store front displays. This is crucial to the business of retail brands now more than ever thanks to the rising popularity of online shopping. Brands have to find ways to create an experience for the customer to want to come into the store-which is where the importance of a solid visual lure comes in.

Here are some visual merchandise displays I found in Hudson Yards that I thought were intriguing and inspiring.


Kate Spade portrays an image of sophisticated yet playful with this window display. The sleek silhouettes and organized setup bring the looks together while the contrast of purple and green and the creative prints make this display visually appealing.


Dior stays true to their classic image by using a palette of primarily black and white with a red background for this visual merchandise display. By making a scene around on looks, it creates a center of focus which helps to convey a picture of elegance and modesty.


Kenzo shows their uniqueness through this visual display. The colorful, abstract-esque background paired with trendy outfits creates an edge in the store’s connotation. The contrast of color with neutral outfits also helps the looks pop.


Millennial Chanel


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