F/W ’20 Trend Report

With the end of another New York fashion week comes an abundance of fresh fashion inspiration from the runways and the streets. This year, I didn’t partake in fashion week. Partly because I wanted to dedicate my time towards my schoolwork as I have a lot of it so far, but also partly because I wanted to be an onlooker rather than a participant.

Last year, I volunteered to help out with a show and although there are great volunteer experiences that FIT offers, this particular one ended up being a bust. The short version of the story was that I ended up waiting with a group of volunteers outside of the Manhattan center for 3 hours in 90 degree NYC heat only to finally be let inside and told that they had enough volunteers and didn’t need me to help.

Fun stuff.

Regardless of my lack of participation this year, I still watched the shows and saw all of the attendees looks. Due to this new outburst of fall fashion inspo (and because this is a post for one of my classes), I’m highlighting a trend that I think is going to be relevant next fall.

Blazer dresses

Blazers have been a fall staple for the past few years, but blazer dresses have recently became a renewed iteration of the classic piece. Most of the blazer dresses I’ve seen this season have kept to simple, streamlined silhouettes in colors like black and navy. See down below for Revolve and TOPSHOP’s modern interpretation of the blazer dress.

As much as I love this simplistic design, however, the 70’s and 80’s are making their way back into the fashion scene, which calls for a dramatic revamp of classic pieces like this one. Blazers are part of a macro trend of gender neutrality-embodying the idea that fashion has no boundaries and can be adapted to fit any individual style (regardless of gender).

Next fall, blazer dresses are going to venture beyond menswear chic and take on unique silhouettes like this pale blue version from Frankie Shop (left) and this cutout rendition from Opening Ceremony (right).

(Picture and research credits to fashionsnoops.com)

Pair this trend with western boots for a 70’s inspired look or mary-jane pumps for a vintage French spin on the trend.

Sustainable shoes to pair with:


Millennial Chanel

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