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While I’ve always been an avid reader and fashion connoisseur, my perception on fashion and the articles that I read has shifted over time. Where I once looked to fashion blogs and Instagram to solely find the newest trends and what to buy to be considered “fashionable”, I now look to them to find inspiration on how to take current trends and styles and interpret them through my own creative mindset. My own sustainable mindset.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed (or at least I hope you have), I am very interested in sustainable and ethical fashion. Although I love shoes and staying up to date on fashions as much as any fashion student, I also know that the apparel industry has created a large amount of environmental damage and, therefore, the state of our planet holds a higher importance to me than buying the latest trend that the Kardashians are endorsing.

Because of this, I think it’s important to educate people on how to ethically purchase clothing while still remaining true to their personal style and sense of creativity.

Here, I’m going to be showing you guys a few of my favorite fashion blogs that inspire me to express my style in new ways.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade is one of my favorite online publications to read. Although the website is not solely dedicated to fashion, it is a collection of articles pertaining to sustainability in every aspect of life including fashion, lifestyle, and wellness. One of my all-time favorite articles was one by Celeste Scott on Becoming a Slower Person. This can especially pertain to fashion in the sense that by choosing to focus on building a more classic and basic-driven wardrobe, (with some style pieces thrown in by season of course) we can reduce the waste we contribute through purchasing fast fashion trends that either fall apart or go out of style. Another thing I love about the website is that they have an app called Good On You that offers a research database for looking up the sustainable and ethical aspects of brands. I use this constantly to find out more about the companies I’m buying from and to discover new brands that are making an impact in the eco-friendly fashion industry.

Song of Style

Although Song of Style is not particularly great at endorsing sustainable brands, it holds a special place in my heart as this was the first fashion blog that I started reading years ago. In fact, Aimee Song and her unique sense of style inspired me to start my own blog and pursue fashion as a career instead of brushing it off as a “fake job.” I do still read her blog and follow her Instagram, but I look at her outfits and trend reports as inspiration to create my own sustainable versions of the looks she wears. For example, she posted an article on Summer Sandals recently. While I probably won’t purchase any of the options she listed, (partly due to sustainability reasons and partly due to the fact that I’m a broke college student) I took it as inspiration to research brands and find my own sustainable and wearable version of the styles she showed.

The Sustainable StylistThe Sustainable Stylist 1

I recently discovered The Sustainable Stylist written by Lauren Engelke and fell in love with the way she puts her own personality into otherwise simplistic eco-friendly pieces. To be frank, many of the sustainable fashion brands on the market right now are either pretty expensive or very simple-neither of which are my style. This makes it hard to create outfits from and still inspire people to get away from more fashionable fast-fashion brands. However, Lauren does an amazing job of choosing pieces that are fashion-forward and still ethical in her outfits and shopping suggestions. She also writes about a plethora of different options in the sustainable style.


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