5 swimsuits made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

By now, it’s common knowledge (or at least I hope it is) that plastic pollution in the ocean is a hulking issue that’s not only contributing to global warming but also harming sea turtles and other marine life. According to Surfers Against Sewage, around “8 million pieces of plastic pollution” are discarded into oceans every day.

One of the most predominant contributors to this epidemic is these little miniscule fibers called microfibers. These are synthetic (man-made) fibers made up of Polyester and Nylon and are pretty popular nowadays in microfiber cloths and fabrics. Although their initial purpose to to create a soft fabric, they create an even bigger issue for the environment. When these fabrics are put into washing machines, the little microfibers are washed away and find their way into oceans through sewage systems used to drain the washing machines.

So why not just stop using microfibers altogether?

If only it was that easy. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to eradicate this issue with the construction of swimsuits as nylon is a necessity. However, there are some companies that have made their swimwear as pollution-proof as possible by using ECONYL to make their swimwear. ECONYL is recycled Nylon made completely from fishing nets and other plastics found in the ocean. That means that the swimsuit you’re wearing was made out of plastics taken out of the ocean and, therefore, reduced the amount of waste ingested by sea animals. That’s hot.

Here are some of the cutest swimsuits using ECONYL for you to lounge and play in this summer.

Peony Swim

peony swim.jpg

Not only is this gingham two-piece made from ECONYL fabric, the lining is also made in-house at Peony’s manufacturing center using recycled yarn. Did someone say eco-friendly picnic on the beach vibes?


ref swimsuit.jpg

Although Reformation realizes that their swimwear isn’t 100% eco-friendly, (no synthetic fiber is) they know using ECONYL is a much better way of production than classic swimwear manufacturing. Play some volleyball on a beach or just sit and look pretty in this Daisy one-piece.


ecoture swim.jpg

Ecoture makes and sells sophisticated brands that look good and do good for the planet. ThisĀ red one-piece will make you feel like you’re in Baywatch so you should probably look into getting it if you’re into, you know, saving the beach.

Vitamin A

Vitamin a swim.jpg

If you’re more of a two-piece kind of girl, then Vitamin A swim is more down your alley. They have a plethora of different colored bikini tops and bottoms for optimal mixing and matching. This orange bikini top will have you wishing you packed some peaches for the beach. Good thing you’re already peachy.


now then swim

Now_Then the Label is recognizable for their simple styles and beautiful craftsmanship. Made from ECONYL, this one-piece patchwork number will make you feel like you’re lounging on a tropical beach in Thailand even if you’re just suntanning and eating trail mix in your backyard.


Millennial Chanel


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