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It was my little sister’s first time visiting me in the big city, so naturally I had to go balls to the wall. (I love the linguistic freedom that comes with owning your own blog)

We did as much as two teenage girls can handle within a weekend and although we were extremely sore afterwards, it was well worth it. We had so much fun and it gave me a taste of being a tourist again in a city that I’m becoming accustomed to. If you’re planning on visiting NYC, or even if you live here but haven’t had the chance to really explore the city yet, then this travel guide is for you!


Empire State Building

There’s few things less iconic than the top of the Empire State Building. Being on top of the city creates a completely different perspective-it makes you realize how small the city really is compared to how big it feels when you’re on the streets. Not to mention, the view is GORGEOUS.

Thrift shopping at Buffalo Exchange

Most tourists want to go home with some kind of souvenir to show off that they went to the city. But instead of buying a baseball cap or a tote bag you’re only going to use once, hit up one of New York’s most popular secondhand stores to find unique pieces that will make you feel like a real New Yorker. Bonus points if you can find something designer.

Comedy show at Gotham Comedy Club

Of course there’s a plethora of comedy clubs in the city, but I chose this one because not only is it one of the few that are 18+, but every time I’ve been there I always laugh to the point of tears. Tip: The best crowds are usually the later ones.

Interactive Art Museums/Stores

This one is more generalized because there’s so many of these around, and it really depends on your personal art taste. I love interactive art museums because not only are they a fun way to spend a few hours, but they also make for great Instagram photos. You can choose to go to ones specifically designed for pictures like the Color Factory or find free content in places like SHOWFIELDS.


Citizens of Chelsea

This Australian-based restaurant has amazing avocado toast and just the right portion sizes. It’s also aesthetic and has specialty lattes, so you can bet the lines are out of the door on the weekend. If you are willing to wait, though, it’s so worth it!

Brooklyn Bagels

If there’s one food NYC is known for, (other than the pizza, of course) it’s bagels. My personal favorite is Brooklyn Bagels. They have pretty much every bagel and cream cheese flavor you could think of. My recommendation is the french toast bagel.


Near the Flatiron, this place is a food market with a variety of restaurants inside. It’s a great alternative to a typical Italian restaurant and you can walk around the shops and mini markets while you’re waiting!

Black Tap Burger Bar

This burger bar is infamous for their monster milkshakes. To be honest, I have yet to try their burgers or food in general so I can’t attest to how good that it, but I can definitely say the shakes are worth the visit. The lines at Black Tap are always ridiculously long (more than 2 hours sometimes), but if you have a whole afternoon/night to spare, you won’t regret it.


Last but certainly not least is my sister and I’s dream come to life. Do serves edible cookie dough much like an ice cream shop, and lets you choose between multiple kinds of dough, toppings, and even offers a cookie cone. You might feel like death after eating so much cookie dough, but at least it’ll be sweet.


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