Is Valentine’s Day a Hoax?

Valentine’s Day has a very different connotation based on who you ask. Some people will tell you it’s the ultimate celebration of love while others will tell you it’s a fake holiday full of unrealistic expectations and expenses.

v-day dinner

While I don’t consider myself to be a cynic when it comes to love, that doesn’t mean that I think Valentine’s Day is justified in the standards it sets for mushy affections and grand gestures. Honestly, the holiday is a bit overrated, and I’m not just saying that because I’m single and jaded. The idea behind it is respectable-the idea that people should take time to remember the importance that love has in their lives and to celebrate that. However, it has become so commercialized that there is a stereotypical “Valentine’s Day date” now. One that includes an expensive dinner, flowers, chocolates, and lingerie. As much as I love chocolates and flowers, the problem with this is that all of these are items (or food) you buy. None of them are a unique and genuine expression of real love and affection. None of them even require much thought or effort.

So, does that mean I think we should all just boycott Valentine’s Day and write it off as a hoax?


Just kidding! There’s hope for Valentine’s Day to be as great as we all make it seem, we just have to look at the day from a different perspective. Instead of buying your partner flowers because it’s expected, take them to their favorite place in the city, or plan a night in and cook something together.

galentines day

Or if you don’t have a partner, a Gal-entine’s Day can be just as fun, if not more fun, than spending the day with an S.O. Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends!

1.Movie night

Step-up your girl’s movie night with a heart-shaped pizza and some wine. Instead of watching a romantic tear-jerker, watch something that makes you laugh! Some Netflix suggestions that never fail to make me laugh are New Girl or some stand up comedy from Comedians of the World.

2. Dinner date

Yes, I know I said Valentine’s Day dinner is cliche, but if you’re going to splurge on a good meal, might as well do it with your besties! Go to one of your guys’ favorite places to eat and order everything on the menu, whether that’s from a fancy restaurant or a surprisingly good yet cheap Chinese place on the corner.

3. G-day gifts

If gift-giving happens to be your love language, give gifts that are more meaningful and come from your heart. Bake some heart cookies or write your bestie a letter telling her how much you love and appreciate her.

4. Makeover

Who doesn’t like getting made over? Treat you and your best friend to a makeover at a makeup counter, or if you’re both are skilled at makeup, try a new look out on each other! A makeover, of course, isn’t complete without a mani-pedi and maybe even a trip to the hair salon.

Valentine’s Day might be overgrown with large expectations and obscene spending, but it doesn’t have to be that way just because society says it does. It should be a celebration of love we have found and have yet to find. As beautifully put by the Beatles, “All You Need Is Love.”


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