The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Hair

If you’re anything like me, doing your hair takes up precious time you could be using to A. sleep in more or B. put together an outfit other than jeans and a t-shirt. While I would love to be the girl who has gorgeous bouncy curls everyday, it’s just not a reality… especially on my 9 am class days. Plus, I’m personally a fan of slightly messier hair styles; I think they make for an “effortlessly chic” look rather than a “trying very hard to be chic” look.

As an advocate of low-maintenance styles, I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite lazy hair styles that I wear everyday. For reference, I have long, thick, and naturally wavy hair, so while these styles work for me, I can’t say they will work for every hair type.

Hair down:

Both of these are pictures of my natural hair. Like I said, very thick and wavy. While I sometimes just wash and air dry it, I love using a mousse to give me extra texture. My favorite is this R&Co Mousse. You just get a little bit, scrunch it into your hair, and you’re good to go!


One of the easiest ways to deal with oily roots are to use them to your advantage! Slicking them back into a half-up or into a high pony are my favorite hacks to prolong washing my hair.

The easiest, quickest hairstyle to do is a low messy bun. To do this, just pull your hair to one side, pull half of your hair through a hair-tie, and wrap all the ends around the tie and tuck them in. I wear this pretty much every day I don’t feel like doing my hair (which is most days).


Before I came to NYC, I never used to wear hats. I always thought I couldn’t pull them off or they would mess up my hair or something. But I’ve quickly realized how great they are! Not only do they add to an outfit, they’re the perfect save for second-day hair-when your roots are greasy but the rest of your hair is fine. I added a few hats I love down below to give you a few ideas.

Fisherman Cap                                       White Knit Beanie

Maroon Fedora                                                                Adidas Baseball Cap


Hopefully some of these tips will help you to embrace your laziness when it comes to hair and to use it to your advantage.



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