Christmas Gift Guide 2018: The Music Loving Friend

So your music fanatic friend already has the best headphones, speakers, and mixing kit…what else do they need?? That’s what this gift guide is for! This is the person in your life who’s always putting you onto new artists, going to the coolest underground concerts, and has a wardrobe consisting of band tees and ripped jeans.

1.Record player

Record players make listening to music even more of an experience. Nobody will appreciate a record player and a few classic records more than someone who loves music. Not to mention, it’ll make a cute addition to your friend’s room! You could either go for a more affordable version like this Victrola Bluetooth record player or splurge a little for a better quality one like this Audio-Technica stereo turntable.

2. Monthly concert subscription offers an amazing deal where you can get certain number of tickets to featured concerts with a monthly subscription. For $25, your friend will get 4 tickets per month. (which means they could use one of those tickets on you!) This is a great gift idea if your friend loves discovering new lesser-known artists and concerts.


3.Custom made record

This one is pretty similar to the idea of the record player but gives you the opportunity to be a little more personal. If your friend already has a record player, a great gift idea is to create and order a custom made record for them. is a great website for this, allowing you to choose a certain number of tracks to put on your record and even design your own cover art!




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