Christmas Gift Guide 2018: The Fashion Savvy Friend

With Christmas a little under a month away, I figured it was time to start busting out the gift guides. This year, I wanted to do a mini series of gift guides for each one of your friends. It’s hard to categorize people based on gifts they would want to receive, but I tried to create pretty broad categories that can apply to different groups of friends and things they might be interested in.

The first person I’m helping you shop for is your fashion forward friend. (btw that’s me, so I’m kind of an expert at this guide) This is the friend who’s always wearing the latest trends, watching What Not to Wear and Project Runway, and updating her (or his) Instagram with outfit pics at least twice a week.

1.Rent the Runway month plan

This one is kind of ironic because I actually bought myself this as an early Christmas gift a few days ago. The way Rent the Runway works is you can rent 4 items from RTR’s designer closet and (if you have the Unlimited plan) switch them out with other items in the closet as much as you want over the course of a month. The normal prices are $90/month for the Update plan and $160/month for the Unlimited plan. However, there’s a 50% off deal going on a trial for the Unlimited plan right now! Any fashion junkie would love to receive a month of wearing free designer clothes, just don’t forget to cancel the plan after a month unless you plan on supplying your friend for a while.

rent the runway

2.Camera Case

If your friend is an Instagram fanatic, chances are they have some kind of DSLR camera. One that probably came with a default, not-so-pretty nylon case. That’s why a cute camera case would be a great accessory that turns the behind the scenes of their Insta-pic excursions into something as stylish as the picture itself. I found this one from Quay Australia that’s available in white, black, and red and even has stylish straps. Check it out here.

camera case


3.Custom Patches

If you’re looking for something more heartwarming and original, a custom designed patch is a great gift for your stylish friend. Speaking from heart, I love patches as they give me the ability to personalize items and make them feel more like me. The Studio is a site that allows you to send in your design and create a patch, pin, or any other merchandise from it. If you really want to up your gift game, however, try designing matching patches for you and your friend!

patches on denim jacket



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