Fall 2018 Style Mood board

I wanted to branch out a bit from my typical fall fashion inspiration where I just show you guys outfit ideas that I love. My goal was to do something more conceptual yet still showing ideas for outfits, so I decided to create a few mood boards for looks that I found and am loving for the fall. Let me know if you guys like this more than my regular inspo posts, I had a lot more fun making this!

Also, so sorry about the lack of posts the past 2 weeks. I honestly just forgot to post, partly because I’ve started to have a lot of work for school due around the same time and partly because I was kind of in a rut for a little bit. But thankfully I’m coming back out of that and here to serve you fall inspiration! Even though we’re allegedly going to have our first snow on Thursday…I guess winter might be sooner than expected. Hopefully these mini mood boards inspire you this season!

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