Lazy Day Outfit Ideas

We all have those days, maybe even weeks, where we just really aren’t feeling the idea of dressing up. Maybe the weather is gloomy, we feel sick, or we’re on our period. Trust me, I get it. As much as I love dressing up, I have those days where all I want to do is throw on leggings, a sweatshirt, and try to become invisible to the world. (this week is one of those weeks for me)

So I decided, with the cold weather and rainy days coming in, it would be a perfect time to do a post on what to wear when you want to look like you put effort into a look but don’t actually want to put any effort in. I found a few inspirations by celebrities and found basic items to recreate them. For all of these, I would probably accessorize with some cool sneakers, a few necklaces, and a fun bag.


Look 1 by Taylor Hill

Lazy day 1.jpg

Get the look:

Oversized Sweatshirt                                                        Leather leggings

 Adidas Adidas Originals oversized Trefoil sweatshirt       +      leather leggings


Look 2 by Aimee Song from Song of Style

biker shorts.jpg

Get the look:

White linen shirt                                                      Black biker shorts

white linen shirt    +   black biker shorts 2


Look 3 by Madison Beer

oversized shirt and jacket

Get the look:

Oversized tee                                                      Denim jacket

oversized tee    +     denim jacket



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