Day 1-Volunteering at NYFW

The New York sun is beating down on us, taking advantage of our conservative black clothing and lack of water bottles. We decided to count by fifteen-minute intervals. One interval went by, followed by another, and another…until three hours had passed. We jumped at the sight of a janitor leaving the building. And then finally, a man in black let us in. We were tired yet giddy, confused but excited to be there. This was New York Fashion Week.

I hope you liked my little narrative there, I figured it would help to put the whole experience into perspective a bit. Yesterday, I got the amazing opportunity to volunteer as a dresser for a set of shows at the Manhattan Center for New York Fashion Week. Here’s my account.

I’m going to be honest in saying that volunteering at fashion week was definitely not as glamorous as I expected. We waited in line for 3 hours because the company forgot (how do you forget this??) to get the Fire Marshall to sign off on the show. And by the time we got in, we soon realized that we had more than enough volunteers to help with everything. Plus, all of the designers were stressed and focused predominantly on their show, which threw the idea of networking out the window. To put into perspective again, my prime moments of helping as a volunteer included tying a too-long necklace with a hair tie, steaming a dress, and holding a jacket for a model. I think I could easily win volunteer of the year award with that on my resume. All jokes aside though, the fact that I even had an opportunity to roam around backstage of a NYFW show was pretty amazing. And because I had nothing to do, I had the luxury of watching all three shows (two designers each) for free! Definitely can’t complain about that.

Since I had more freedom then, I took a lot of pictures and videos of my favorite pieces from the shows. I thought I would attach them for you guys to give you a little insider look of them. (side note: please excuse the crappy quality of some of the pics, I’m definitely not a fashion photographer)


David Tupaz

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pics of this show, but I wish I did. This show featured beautiful architectural type hats and headpieces which took the themed clothing to a whole new level. There was a style for everyone, from preppy looks to flowy feminine pieces.

Romeo + Juliet Couture

This show was my favorite, I would honestly wear every look I saw on the runway. This was definitely the most ready-to-wear collection as it played on some major trends like leopard prints and plastic coats, but put a classic twist on the looks instead of going over the top trendy.

Richard Hallmarq

I loved the relaxed vibe of this clothing juxtaposed to gorgeous heeled boots. This collection focused on minimalism and comfortable but trendy looks.


Shay Kawaii

This was no doubt the coolest show of them all. Bathing suits mixed with puffer coats and bullet proof vests made for an unexpected but refreshing look.



Millennial Chanel

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