Polka Dots and Wide-Leg Pants

There’s something about the French girl style that has this quintessential coolness to it. The red lips, the natural hair, the care-free yet polished silhouettes of clothing…all of these things create a look that is chic without trying too hard. Some staples of the French girl style are wide-leg pants, flowy camisoles and blouses, and comfortable shoes(chic girls can be comfortable too!).

That’s why, for this look, I decided to try to embody the French girl style by pairing a thrifted polka-dot tank with Abercrombie & Fitch wide-leg jeans, pulling it together with my Adidas Superstars, my leopard Kate Spade bag, and some red lipstick. I slicked back the front part of my hair and left the rest natural and accessorized with gold jewelry to give the final “cool girl” touches on the look. Overall, I loved this look and trying something out of my ordinary style! And although I was originally going to reach for some heels to keep the chic vibe, I’m glad I ultimately went with sneakers-both for comfort purposes and for that laid-back accent that French girls are known for.









Millennial Chanel

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