Planning Your Dorm Room

Hey guys! I apologize for my absence for the past few weeks, I’ve been very busy with traveling, working, and getting ready for college. Speaking of which…I leave for FIT in less than a month! It’s crazy how fast time has gone by, I still can’t believe that I’m going to be attending college in New York City in a few weeks. It’s so surreal. With all of this happening, I figured it would be a perfect time to start a college series! I did a poll on my Instagram stories asking you if you’d like to read a college series I start before I leave and over 80% of you said yes, so here you go!

This first post is going to be about planning your dorm room and how to make it stylish yet small space-friendly.

The Bed:

Your bed is going to be the most predominant part of your room, and likely also the most important. This makes it the centerpiece for you to design the rest of the room from! With this in mind, you can either go one of two ways: neutral or statement.

A neutral bed set makes for a nice canvas for you to take more artistic liberties in your decorating. For a neutral look, I would stick to colors like white, tan, gray, and light pink. You can either mix and match those colors for your comforter and sheets or find a subtle print to add a little something. Here are my suggestions:

White Eyelash Duvet Cover                                                              White Sheets

white duvet cover               +             white sheets

Marble Comforter                                                                          Pink Sheets

marble comforter.jpg               +             pink sheets


I personally like making more of a statement with my comforter, since it is what the eye will gravitate to first in your room. Here are some fun combos I came up with for more of a bold look:

Polka Dot Duvet Cover                                                                 Striped Sheets

polka dot duvet cover            +         stripe sheets

Floral Reversible Comforter                                                            White Sheets

floral comforter           +         white sheets2


Now that you have a great comforter and sheets, you’ll need a few more things to complete the bed.

Foam Mattress Cover

mattress topper

City Souvenir Pillow                   Yellow Fringe Pillow                       Perfume Bottle Pillow

denver pillow            yellow pillow                   parfum pillow

Bed Skirt

bed skirt

Sherpa Blanket

sherpa blanket



Second place to your bed, storage is extremely important to not only keep you organized, but also to keep you sane. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to NEED extra storage for your clothes and shoes (FYI dorm closets are not very big.) Here are the best space saving yet stylish options I have found:

Collapsible Clothing Rack                                          Closet Organizer

clothing rack.jpg               closet organizer.jpg

Shoe Storage Ottoman                                                Mirror Jewelry Armoire

shoe storage.jpg                          mirror jewelry holder.jpg


The Desk:

So you can choose to use your desk one of two ways (unless you can come up with more.) Either you can use it as a workspace or you can use it as a personal vanity.

If you choose to use it as a workspace, you’ll want to have more of these kinds of things:

LED Desk Lamp                                                                    Desk Organizer                led desk lamp.jpg                             desk organizer.jpg


And if you choose to make it your ‘getting ready’ area, you’ll want things more like this:

Lighted Makeup Mirror                                         Makeup Organizer

makeup mirror.jpg                     makeup organizer.jpg



Now that you have all the useful stuff you’ll need in your dorm room, (although I didn’t include basic necessities like towels, bath caddies, steamers…I figured you would find that) it’s time to move on to the fun part-decorating!

There are TONS of ways to decorate your dorm room, from DIYing to actually buying things. You can pretty much create any look you want, so this one is really up to your own creativity. Some of my favorite décor items, however, are prints, fairy lights, and tapestries. Here are some I found that I love, hopefully these will inspire you to design a masterpiece of your own!

XO Print                                                                   Girl Print

xo print.jpg                girl print.jpg

Fairy Lights                                                      World Map Tapestry

fairy lights.jpg                    world-tapestry.jpg


I hope this post was helpful to you guys in making your college dorm planning easier. Let me know if you liked this post and leave me a comment saying what other college posts you’d like to see me do!



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