ULTIMATE Ways to Style: Blazer

I did a poll on my Instagram stories the other day to see if you guys would rather see me style a beret or a blazer in different ways, and as you can see, the blazer won! Now this isn’t just any typical ways to style post. I wanted to go more in-depth for this one as a blazer is a staple in many people’s work wardrobes. I wanted to show you guys ways to wear a blazer in environments other than an office. I’m also gonna be linking a few other OOTD’s I’ve done with a blazer to show you even more options. I hope you enjoy this ultimate guide on ways to style a blazer!

Neutral base:

For the first 3 looks, I came up with a neutral base that works with all 3 blazers as a sort of staple go-to look when you want to be casual but still have a bit of an edge (hence the blazer).

THE BASE:    neutral top + distressed denim(shorts/jeans) + heeled sandals + simple necklace

Look 1:


Look 2:


Look 3:


These next few looks are all separate outfits and work for different occasions.


Look 4:

This look is more business oriented, like how most people would typically style a blazer. I paired my emblem Zara blazer with a white shirt, gray pencil skirt, and nude pumps.


Look 5:

For this look, I went for more of a summer date or brunch kind of vibe by pairing my pink Lauren Conrad blazer with a checkered Brandy Melville dress, brown sandals, and a simple gold necklace.


Look 6:

As you can see from double the amount of pics as the other outfits…this look is my favorite. I paired my black Urban Outfitters blazer with a sparkly top, black Fashion Nova pants, and blue stilettos to make it perfect for a night-out.

Other OOTD’s I’ve done with blazers:

Life Set Ablaze(r)

A Pop of Prep



Millennial Chanel

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