NYC Wishlist

With big change comes big… wardrobe change as well. New York City style is a bit different than Colorado Springs style. And by that, I mean they’re complete opposites. While New York is always dressed up and on trend, Colorado is much more laid back and not worried about style. Which is probably why I have the idea that I’ll fit in much better in NYC. With this giant move coming up, however, I’ve realized I still have a few more items on my wishlist that I have yet to fulfill before I move to one of the fashion capitals of the world. Although some of them might be a bit spendy, I would rather invest in these pieces and be able to use them for a long time than just get cheap versions that wear out quickly. Here’s my NYC Fashion Wishlist…


1.AllSaints Leather Jacket

Allsaints leather jacket


2. Kate Spade Bag

kate spade bag


3. Waterproof boots

waterproof boots


4. Statement jewelry

statement earrings


5. The Perfect LBD




Millennial Chanel

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