Pretty in Pastel

What screams spring more than pastels (and florals of course)?
I’m finally getting back into the blog groove! Sorry again for the lack of posts recently, my life was crazy with the musical, and then going to New York, and then my birthday, and then deciding which college I’ll be attending. Speaking of which…I finally decided that I will be going to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and studying Fashion Business Management! It’s always been my dream to one day live in NYC and I’m finally making that dream come true. Every day I get more and more excited for Manhattan and college and all the possibilities I’ll have there! But, that being said, moving almost across the US definitely has its downfalls. The biggest one being that I’m really going to miss everyone in my life. I’ve built so many amazing relationships with people here that have changed my life and shaped me into a better person. But even though it will be hard to be so far away from them, I know they’ll always be there to help and support me if I need it.
Now that I’ve updated you guys on what’s been going on in my life, let’s get on to the looks! Instead of just doing an OOTD for this post, I decided to do a few different looks. I wanted to play with a spring classic, like pastels, while bringing in some trends for a current look.
Look 1:
For this outfit, I wore this adorable dress that I bought at Nordstrom in December and am now finally able to break out! It has wide sleeves and a checkerboard print, which are both HUGE trends this spring. I paired it with some teal platform heels and a necklace to accessorize.

Look 2:
I created much more of a feminine look for this next outfit. I wore a pink denim jacket as an off-the-shoulder top (trend alert) and paired it with a white lace skirt. For accessories, I layered simple silver necklaces and wore my favorite new pair of Calvin Klein sandals! These sandals are so cute and I got them for really cheap ($20) at the Dillard’s Clearance at the Citadel Malls.
Look 3:
For this last look, I paired a floral pajama top that I got from Eve’s Revolution with my denim skirt and blue suede jacket. For shoes, I wore this super cute pair of sneakers that I also bought at the Dillard’s clearance!


Colorado Couture


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