Life Set Ablaze(r)

Long time no see!! Sorry for the unwarned absence guys, it’s been insane these past few weeks as they were the last few weeks of our spring musical I was a big part of, Echo of Love.
Although being busy isn’t really an excuse, I’m sure you guys can understand that I’m human and things happen. And to continue the craziness, I’m going to New York City in a few days! My mom and I are going up there to look at schools I applied to, to see if the big apple is really the fit for me or not. Bad news is that because of that, I don’t have the time to make this post as long as I would like it to be. Good news is that I can finally make another travel post when I get back! I’m so excited to visit because I’ve always dreamt about the magical place that New York City is, but I’m also kind of scared. Like I said, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to explain this so I’ll try to be brief. I am super excited to start college and try new things, heck I love taking risks! But I’m also super scared to leave the people that I love. I never thought I would really know what love is, but my parents, my boyfriend, and my friends have all taught me different ways of loving and I’m scared to lose that.
As for my outfit, I paired my favorite rose t-shirt with some ripped skinny jeans and accessorized with an Urban Outfitters blazer and maroon flats. This is a great outfit for transitioning between winter and spring!


Colorado Couture


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