Ways to Style: Orange Puffer Jacket

The last thing you would think of buying for your wardrobe would be a big puffer jacket, especially a bright orange one.

Unless you follow style bloggers and even just celebrities in general. But even if puffer jackets are in style, how are you supposed to wear one and not look like a mix between the Michelin man and a traffic cone? Today I’m going to show you guys 3 different ways to wear a puffer jacket and hopefully I can persuade you to go out and buy one for yourself!
(The puffer jacket I’m wearing is sold out, buy a v similar one here)
1.This one is a sportier street look. I paired the jacket with some black leggings from Athleta, a NYC crop top, and white sneakers that I’m sure every one of you has. The puffer is perfect for keeping you warm leaving the gym or even just running errands. (Also take note of the jumping pic, that took me like 20 tries to get kind of good)

2.This next look is a casual one and probably the easiest one of the 3. I paired mom jeans, a white shirt, brown booties, and a few necklaces with the coat to create a sort of “girl next door” vibe.
3.This last outfit is dressier…and more badass. I probably wouldn’t wear this look to school, but it’d be perfect for a stylish night out. For this one I wore my leather leggings, a black turtleneck, and some black booties. The orange puffer is the perfect pop of color on top of black.


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