Self-Care and Stylish Coats

I haven’t done wrote about anything other than fashion in one of my posts in a hot sec so I figured it was a bit overdue. Today I want to go into a little bit of self-care.

I’ve done posts on stress relievers, which is self-care, and about self-confidence, but I haven’t talked about why this idea is so important.
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, you can’t love anyone until you love yourself first. And it’s so true, honestly. Because even though sharing love with your friends and family is the best part of life, if you don’t love and take care of yourself first, you can’t share love in a way that will benefit everyone. So what really is self-care? Some people consider self-care to be getting their nails done or doing a face mask; and yes, those are kinds of physical self-care. But I consider it to be more than just physical, something that rejuvenates you as a person and influences a healthy perspective on life.
Lately, I’ve been extremely stressed out for so many reasons. College, work, school, people around me, and just everything in general has been setting me off the edge. And I didn’t know why that was, especially because I never used to consider myself to be a person who got stressed out. While everyone experiences stress to some extent, I was really good at just passing right by it and avoiding that added pressure. But this semester it’s been different, this idea of leaving the familiar and going out into the real world is really frikin stressful, no matter how good you are at managing that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still most likely going to cause stress until I actually go to college, but I’m learning how to manage that. And that’s by focusing on me and making sure my needs are met before I worry about other people. This way, I am bettering myself and also gaining the ability to love the people in my life better with a clear hear. A big thing that has helped me with this is not obsessing over certain things like social media. Although I do post on social media a lot, I’ve realized that it’s become part of my identity, and I don’t necessarily want it to be. So by taking some time away from that here and there, and not going on it every second I can, I’m figuring out who I am outside of that little box, and it’s been helping my mindset a lot. This might not be the case for you, but take the idea of self-care and run with it, do whatever makes YOU your best self.
And since most people came here for the OOTD, here it is! For this outfit, I paired these light paper-bag waisted pants with a classic white tee, and topped it off with this embroidered bomber I got in Paris and some black booties. I looove unique coats and jackets like this in the winter time because it’s a way to express some personality while still keeping warm and toasty.


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