The 3 R's of Style

In my college essay that I submitted to the Common App, I wrote about ways in which we can make the world more sustainable through fashion.

One of those ways was recycling through the use of secondhand stores and repurposing clothes. This gave me major inspiration to buy into my own idea and become part of the recycling business of clothes. I’ve had a Poshmark account for a while now, and it’s an app where you can sell your used clothes and buy new ones for discounted prices. I never used it much until I recently realized that I have a LOT of clothes that I own but never wear! The struggle. So I created looks with the clothes I am selling to help inspire any buyers and listed them on Poshmark. You guys might even recognize some of the clothes from blog posts and Instagram pictures. I encourage you guys to do the same as I’m doing and put the clothes in the back of your closet to a better use. Donating, selling, and repurposing clothes are just some of the ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle in the fashion world. Here are a few of the items I’m listing in case you guys are interested. And here’s the link to my Poshmark for even more clothes! Hannah’s Poshmark
This look includes my black jeans and this blush bodysuit
I’m selling my favorite floral dress…take care of her!
This super cute boho top looks great with jeans and a colored bralette
I used my white jeans and silver bomber to make this look feel extra fall-y
This floral skirt looks great with my white sweater


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