Homecoming 2017

When it comes to making a statement, I’m there.

I’ve always been one to gravitate towards princess-like dresses and this year’s homecoming was no different. I picked out a gorgeous jewel-embezzled dress to dance the night away in. Since I loved the dress so much, and it was pretty pricey, I decided to wear it to both of the homecomings I was going to, and just switch up my hair and makeup. So here’s my homecoming “OOTD’s”!
I went to the first homecoming at Liberty with my boyfriend, Sam. It was so nice out so we took pictures in Downtown springs near where we were eating, Phantom Canyon. As for the look I went with, I wore my hair in a ponytail and went with a smoky eye.
My second homecoming was at my school, Pine Creek, and I went with my best friends, Lenna and Hannah. Although Hannah didn’t make it to pictures on time. Taking pictures for this one was a little rougher because of the crazy pouring rain Colorado was getting. We just ended up taking them inside a hotel on our phones. For this looks, I swept my bangs over and did a monochromatic eye look. (although it doesn’t show in the lighting…dangit)
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