Autumn 2017 Shopping List

Although it’s far from feeling like fall in Colorado, that doesn’t mean that you can’t stock up on the latest trends before they sell out and the cold weather sets in.

Besides the obvious sweaters and booties, this fall is bringing in a whole bunch of trends to jump on board with. I picked my favorites and the ones I think are most wearable, as I normally do. Let me know if you guys enjoy trend posts like this! I do them pretty often but I want to know your input. Also, I know I’ve been slacking a bit on posting lately but I’ve been super busy with getting back into school and I have 2 homecomings coming up (maybe a homecoming post will be in the works?) so I should be able to make more OOTD posts and fall-related stuff after I get through those. That being said, on to the trends!
1. Red
This one is probably my favorite trend of the bunch, since my favorite color is red. It’s the color of love and passion, but also of anger and power, and as an Aries, I can definitely say that red fits my personality. This super power color looks great as a monochromatic look, or if you’d rather ease into the trend, a pop of red would work just fine.

2. Coats
Although it seems pretty obvious that designers would bring coats into their fall/winter collections, this season has taken coats to a whole new level. For good reason though! Coats are underrated, and a lot of the time it feels like fashion is geared towards warmer climates, so this is good news for us Coloradans! The biggest styles have been coats in fur, shearling, and puffer jackets.
3.  Mid-length skirts
Although this is a trend that’s been in for the past few seasons, I decided to include this one because it’s taking on more of a vintage vibe this fall. Pick one in a military style or try denim and pair with your favorite sweater.
4. Velvet
I LOVE velvet. It’s just so soft and comfy and it can turn any look instantly fancy. A slip is the go-to way to wear this fabric, but this fall try something a little different like a velvet blazer…and matching pants!
5. 80’s
There’s always another decade coming back into style, and this season it’s the 80’s. Neon colors, fishnet tights, and shoulder pads are just some of the trends we’ll be seeing this fall.


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