4th of July Outfit Ideas

America: home of cheeseburgers, glazed donuts, and extravagant 4th of July celebrations.

And any extravagant celebration requires a patriotic outfit to match. Buying an outfit to wear only one day a year doesn’t really make sense though, so I put together 3 different ideas of ways to make a patriotic outfit out of your own clothes. These are great for procrastinators (like me) or people who just don’t want to go to the store.
Outfit #1: This is the most casual outfit of the 3, some simple denim shorts pair perfect with a 4th of July tee. Borrow one from your sister, a friend, or even your mom (that’s where I got mine) to create that lived-in look.
Outfit #2: This one is better suited for a barbeque or watching fireworks. I’m probably going to be wearing this outfit tomorrow. To get this look, pair some white hot jeans with navy or red top, and tie the outfit together with an accessory in the other color.
Outfit #3: This is quite obviously the fanciest of the 3 outfit ideas. If you’re going out to a nice dinner or maybe even just want to get dressed up, then this look is for you. Once again, the americana is in the accessories, hence my red lipstick and white clutch.


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