Valentine's Vixens

Valentine’s Day always¬†has this looming cloud over it, regardless of whether or not you’re taken. You either lust after a loving relationship or you lust after the freedom of being single (and not having to spend so much money)…or at least that’s the stereotypical view of Valentine’s Day.

My best friend, Lenna, and I decided to make the most of love day and celebrate our friendship. We did cute things like buy each other flowers and chocolates, watched Step Up while eating a heart-shaped pizza, and even unintentionally matched. Which, of course, called for a photo shoot. You don’t have to hate something just because everyone else does. Besides, Lenna and I wouldn’t have had such a good day if we would have gone into it with a pessimistic view.
As for our outfits, we both wore green cargo jackets and lace-up heeled booties. I paired mine with a pink velvet tank and white jeans. Lenna went for a more casual look with a simple tee and blue jeans.


Colorado Couture

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