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Since so many of you are starting school(I started yesterday), I wanted to show you guys a few outfit ideas. I know that these are maybe something you might be too scared or self-conscious to wear to school, but that’s what I want address.

High School, especially, can make us so self-conscious of our bodies and even personalities, but I don’t think it should be that way. I think that you should wear whatever you want to wear, even if you’re too scared to. Before I get to know people, I tend to be pretty shy. Fashion, however, has helped me to break that barrier and embrace who I really am. I constantly push myself to wear things that are “out of the norm” and that helps me grow as a person. Now, I’m not afraid to wear my clanking booties, or my camo pants. Fashion lets us express ourselves in a way that might not be so verbal, but is just as important. Wear those ripped jeans, wear that flowy dress, wear that midi skirt that you think is too fancy for school. And don’t care about what other people think.


Colorado Couture


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